Short student movie written & directed by Victor Hanotel



Quentin, a young parisian actor who is a fan of Hollywood movies, dreams about a career in cinema. An opportunity arises to play a leading part: an audition for the role of a robber. The young actor tries his luck but, in front of a cynical and spiteful film director, the audition goes wrong. Between chance and fate, the director reappears in the young actor’s life. At this point fiction becomes reality. In order to get the role, Quentin is ready to do anything...



Official Winner - Misfit Film Festival - Fargo - USA
Audiance Award - Polycule Festival - Bruxelles - Belgium
Prize of the Association of The Fellows - ESRA (Professional Jury) - Paris - France

Broadcast on french TV channel TéléBocal

Official Selection of
International Film Festival "The Doors" - Gliwice - Poland
Pink City International Short Film Festival - Jaipur - India

Visionaria Festival - Sienne - Italia
Official Competition for the Festival of Amateur Short Film - Auch - France
Short Film Festival of Bourg-en-Bresse - France
National Festival of Student Movies - Paris - France
Courtes Bulles Film Festival - Deauville - France